Biorgonomy – beyond the science

biorgonomy treat physical and mental illnesses. Diagnosis and treatment is performed on a person’s energy body, by the energy sensing technique of blinking.
The energy body is an exact replica of the physical body and using blinking technic one can diagnose and treat the person.
The energy can be felt everywhere and therefore can handle the distance.
Meaning Bioaorgonomi: Bio = life Aorgonomi = Orgone energy, the energy contained in each cell in our body.
When you are sick, there is a situation of lack of energy fields in the body. Biorgonomy treatment restores a person, organ or any body system, the ability to recover itself and therefore allows healing.
During treatment, a person moves along the timeline to childhood, fetus phase and reincarnation to treat the traumas throughout his life and past lives.
One can use this wonderful tool for treatment of a variety of endless physical and mental situations.
When there is a blockage of energy organ, treatment is restoring the fields of energy, thus creating healing.
There are five organ energetic blockages generators:
Limb injuries.
injuries to the starting point of the organ.
conscious and unconscious fears.
traumas which are “burned” in the cell memory.
cell and organ energetic disorders which creates a blockage.
In order to remove blockage, the energetic body should be invited to the treatment for recovery by releasing the obstructions and open a brighter field of view.

Moreover, we can spot the energy dependence affects a person, through a precise search of the familial tree and therefore, trace the energy complimentary and reincarnation effects.
Accurate search and diagnosis can lead us to understand the source of imbalances, the point at which it was created trauma and origin code which was generated in our body which resulted in imbalance.

Therapeutic conversation might enlighten us hence recognize and understand and moreover, treat the “trauma scar” engraved in our brain.
Healing can be achieved, by blinking technique, supports curing the scar and edema created as a result of the trauma, by draining it out.

Bioaorgonomi is also dealing with people relationships.
Sometimes relationships we experience cause us pain by a particular person, even in cases which with no intention to harm. Such a situation may evolve different relationships and rise up from the subconscious memory generated in our past and even in previous incarnations.
blinking technique supports us in disengagement of unnecessary energy accumulated over the years and thus improves relationships stagnations due to the energetic barriers of the past.
Pain is out and only love left over.

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